Local business rewards little girl with basket of candy and flowers after she had saved the owner from a life threatening situation

February 16, 2021 at 9:30 a.m.

An 11-year-old girl from California went out of her way to help this business owner after she had seen her in a life threatening situation.

Reports say Adams, 25, was leaving work when she encountered an attacker. She says the attacker approached her, took out a knife, and proceeded to say, "Put the money in the bag!". Adams being frightened, she runs off in a hurry. The attacker then follows her down the street until they reach an alleyway, which is where she got cornered, and was fending him off with her life.

The little girl was walking down the street with her mother, when she had noticed this incident taking place. She let go of her mother and ran towards the attacker, with a block of wood she saw on the ground. The little girl then proceeded to jump on him and tackle him to the ground, hitting him with the piece of wood.

She called out for her mother and Adams, along with the little girl, held the man down as the little girl's mother called 911.

Tara Jones, 11, was announced as a hero by the local police department and was given her very own badge to have memory of the good deed she did. Mrs. Adams had also given Jones her very own basket of candy and flowers as a thank you.

"I wasnt really thinking when doing it, but I just thought, If my mom was in that situation I would want someone to help her too," Tara told Reporters.

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